Girolamo Borgia - 18 - Deceased || OPEN || Aaron Johnson


A relative of the Italian-Spanish Papal family, Girolamo was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a belief that everything was his right. Among his relatives are two recipients of the Holy See, and although one would expect the spawn of such a religious family to have a strong moral fibre, everything about the House of Borgia spelt otherwise. Son of Cesare Borgia and one of his mistresses, Girolamo had never learnt the meaning of loyalty and prudence— instead leading an adulterous and rather libertine lifestyle up until his seventeenth year, when his tutor decided that she could not handle his disappearances to be with one of his many male and female lovers. Shipped off after much yelling and threats to run away, the Italian youth had been thrust into the hallowed halls of the prestigious academy where none could be truant. Surprisingly enough, he had assimilated quickly and learned to adhere to the frigid code that the school imposed. However, such things were only done with an ulterior motive— in his final year, he managed to impregnate one of the younger nuns who obviously had a much weaker conviction than her fellow sisters, successfully leading to his expulsion.

Before he could be kicked out, Girolamo had mysteriously disappeared, much to the chagrin of the staff and students. In the new year, he has returned with no recollection of ever having disappeared, but speaks nothing of the changes that seem to be passing him by.

"Borgia, Girolamo at your service, dear bella. I could tell you of all the things back in Italy that I’ve found beautiful, but such things would pale in comparison to you."

COD: Three stab wounds to the back, ruptured stomach from forced intake of several gallons of water.


He may be a playboy as well as an ingrate, but Girolamo had always genuinely thought he was in love with whomever he was bringing to bed that night. He perpetuated the stereotype of Italians being lovers, but unlike the regular list of Italian traits, Girolamo was not a coward. He would often exercise his right of free speech in the presence of both teachers and students, never letting a chance to hear himself speak go. Oftentimes, this chance would be taken to save a classmate in need or for longer breaks, but his loose tongue had also gotten him quite a bit of enemies. He can be cold when confronted with aggressive people, but genuinely does care. 


Elizabeth Townsend - 23 - Alive || OPEN || Amber Heard


A graduate herself of the prestigious Academy, there isn’t much Elizabeth doesn’t know about the grounds. From her early childhood, the girl began tutelage for dance; which she excelled and eventually opened the door to the Belgian academy which she wouldn’t have regularly been accepted into considering her social standing. Elizabeth came to leave the school and return to her bourgeoisie family with an impressive resume: top honors for five years running and already an accomplished dancer. After two years of teaching dance to a small class of six girls, Elizabeth returned to Belgium from England to become a teacher— perhaps being one of the more passionate and straight-laced among the faculty members. She doesn’t speak much of her years spent as a student, but seems to think something evil is happening that cannot be fully explained. Meanwhile, she keeps her eye on the girls’ dorm, and constantly makes rounds there at night.

"You are all very fortunate children to have been accepted into this Academy— there are youths like yourself walking the streets of Lede that did not qualify for this year. We expect your best efforts these next coming months; for it is you that makes your grades, we are only here to help you achieve it."


Uptight and a creature of habit, Elizabeth values discipline and consistency in her students. Despite her frigid upbringing, the dance virtuoso developed a strong inclination to believe that humans aren’t the only beings to pull the turn of the earth— the dead having their hand in the revolution. Underneath the typical charm school exterior is a woman unsure of her standing and future, as well as her very own, very personal, sexuality.


Natalia Forsyth - 18 - Alive || OPEN || Jena Malone


Oceans, landforms, boundaries, the movement of Empires throughout the years— Natalia is your girl. Born to a famous traveler, she’s known no permanent home and has learned to fend for herself over the years. Her mother was a well-known actress who died in childbirth and Natalia never felt any strong connection to her, as masculine energy and nature had ruled her life for fourteen years before losing her father in a freak accident out in the Wilds. Her father’s wealth was unknown to her until the admission into the prestigious Lede Academy, and the gold has not changed her. It’s her last year in the Academy and she hasn’t failed to impress every teacher who has been sent her way— her dream of becoming an explorer like her father coming closer and closer into her reach.

However, there is a catch to her story. A spectral Athena has stepped out of the grave and vowed to make Natalia’s final year a living hell; maybe even dragging her down to the catacombs beneath the school with her.

"The kids here are all a part of one big puzzle, don’t you see? There are so many races, so many backgrounds that all fit together like the pieces of land just here in Europe. We’re part of something bigger, something we can’t achieve by ourselves."


A strong-willed young woman, Natalia never fit into the 19th century depiction of what a lady should be. She’s quite boyish but generally enjoys the company of people, always willing to lend a hand and make the new kids feel welcome. Natalia is a genuinely good person which may have lead to the wrathful stalk that one of the school ghosts has set her heart upon. Despite all this, it would still be a mistake to cross this world-weary girl— there isn’t much you don’t learn when trotting the globe, and that includes diversified lessons on how to kick ass.


Brendan Konstantinovic - 17 || OPEN || Evan Peters


The second scion of Serbian monarchy could not be any less interested in the colorful politics and history that painted the halls and potentially paved the way to his “inevitable rise to the throne”, as Brendan’s father would often put it. Normally, his blatant desertion of any political responsibility would be perfectly acceptable as he wasn’t the firstborn, but at the tender age of seven the prince’s elder brother had come down with smallpox, effectively rendering him incapacitated to rule or do anything that included moving— the dead were generally incapable of that, after all. By tandem decision of both his parents, Brendan was shipped off to the rigid Lede Academy against his will to whip him into shape to be Serbia’s next ruler, a goal that he had already voiced his opposition against. In the new school year, his only goal is to cause as much trouble as possible and tarnish the Academy’s reputation for being able to straighten out just anyone. 

“I’m not interested in your name; I could smell your illegitimacy from the moment you walked in the room— it’s quite bold of you to think that I would want to associate with someone like that, don’t you think?”


Being the epitome of a prince spoiled rotten, Brendan’s ego might have been able to fill up the entire stretch of land that had been allotted for the Academy. He knows that there isn’t much other students can do to harm him for he is undoubtedly noble, even without saying so. If he lived in the 21st century, this boy would be branded a sociopath— but in his time, people just thought he was a prime narcissist that cared for no one but himself. He is also capable of being charming, especially when the person in question could possibly further his personal causes.


Euphemia de Sade - 16 - Deceased || OPEN || Taylor Momsen


Born in Paris in the 18th century to a French aristocrat and his maid, Euphemia is a cousin to the libertine philosopher Marquis de Sade. The flaxen-haired beauty belonged to one of the first classes that attended Lede Academy and hated every single moment of it. She had always been the intellectual, sometimes retreating into her own made-up world whilst “imprisoned” in the frigid Catholic institution that her wealthy father and stepmother had sent her to. Euphemia was the first to disappear among the students that attended Lede Academy, her distant family never inquiring more than just a few letters sent to the Headmistress. By the time of her death, she was known for her way with words despite never being one to utter much more than two at a time. In the 20th century, she is unaware of the fact that she’s been dead for about a century and continues on with her psuedo-life amongst the living.

"Lineage or nobility matters not in this place— we are all the same. Bastard children, unwanted children, a hindrance to our families. That is why they dump us here and oftentimes forget to pick us up for the holidays."

COD: Suicide 


Born with a sharp tongue and branded to be an impudent child, Euphemia had to sit through several bouts of verbal abuse from her stepmother before being shipped off to the charm school. She has a difficult time developing any substantial relationships with other human beings and prefers to keep to herself when she isn’t boldly insulting one of the other girls in her dormitory.