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Natalia Forsyth - 18 - Alive || OPEN || Jena Malone


Oceans, landforms, boundaries, the movement of Empires throughout the years— Natalia is your girl. Born to a famous traveler, she’s known no permanent home and has learned to fend for herself over the years. Her mother was a well-known actress who died in childbirth and Natalia never felt any strong connection to her, as masculine energy and nature had ruled her life for fourteen years before losing her father in a freak accident out in the Wilds. Her father’s wealth was unknown to her until the admission into the prestigious Lede Academy, and the gold has not changed her. It’s her last year in the Academy and she hasn’t failed to impress every teacher who has been sent her way— her dream of becoming an explorer like her father coming closer and closer into her reach.

However, there is a catch to her story. A spectral Athena has stepped out of the grave and vowed to make Natalia’s final year a living hell; maybe even dragging her down to the catacombs beneath the school with her.

"The kids here are all a part of one big puzzle, don’t you see? There are so many races, so many backgrounds that all fit together like the pieces of land just here in Europe. We’re part of something bigger, something we can’t achieve by ourselves."


A strong-willed young woman, Natalia never fit into the 19th century depiction of what a lady should be. She’s quite boyish but generally enjoys the company of people, always willing to lend a hand and make the new kids feel welcome. Natalia is a genuinely good person which may have lead to the wrathful stalk that one of the school ghosts has set her heart upon. Despite all this, it would still be a mistake to cross this world-weary girl— there isn’t much you don’t learn when trotting the globe, and that includes diversified lessons on how to kick ass.


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